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A continent of

Africa. Home to over 1.2 Billion people. A continent of 54 countries. A continent of complex diversity and potential. A continent of opportunity.

-What are the emerging trends today and how will they impact performance?
-How can you enter a new segment or market?
-What are the ways you can maximize your operational efficiencies?
-How can you make better informed decisions to help our continent?

This is where data and expertise can help. AfriCatalysts helps organizations become more competitive and efficient by incorporating its unique, market leading data and analytics. From its dedicated Data Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, AfriCatalysts collects and analyzes tonnes of data points captured from various sources. With access to this data, AfriCatalysts is able to provide impactful market insights, intelligence and reports that translate into powerful analytics.

A Continent of Opportunity


African markets are highly dynamic, as more than a billion consumers undergo profound demographic and lifestyle changes. Our analysis zeroes in on the impact of change and what it means for innovation and strategy.

We help our clients to:

-Identify target markets and understand risks
-Make accurate predictions based on demographic data
-Evaluate feasibility and turnover potential for projects
-Assess corporate strategy
-Manage stakeholder relations
-Strengthen reputation and improve brand equity
-Engage with public policy stakeholders

At AfriCatalysts, we assist clients develop the knowledge, then identify the optimum path to success in penetrating new markets and gaining new sources of revenue.

We provide public and private organizations with unique actionable industry insights using:
Accurate Insights
Accurate Intelligence
Accurate Information.

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