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Our Work

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

Our Work

Media Relations, Investor Relations & Public Policy

We deliver high-level media advisory, engagement and thought leadership services to corporate clients who seek to build their profiles in emerging market media spaces. We possess close relationships with leading media groups in Africa. We have a detailed understanding policy environment across the continent. We work with governments to help define and communicate policies that foster development as well as with various industries to engage government in constructive policy discussions

Market Intelligence & Insights

We provide concise market intelligence and in depth thoroughly-researched data on African emerging trends covering over 50 countries in the continent. Our insights identify future growth opportunities in the continent. We achieve this by analyzing the changing landscapes in Africa and the strategic implications of those changes. We produce a range of in-depth analyses of the countries, markets and strategic issues that underpin market growth in Africa.

Strategy, Market Entry Advisory & Leadership Positioning

We work with leading companies from emerging markets to facilitate clients’ commercial interests and investments into the African continent through partnership brokering, research and strategy service offerings. We develop tactical market-entry strategies based on a detailed analysis of the political and commercial landscape. Our strategies assist clients to navigate barriers to entry, to identify and engage with government and industry stakeholders as well as to build structures for long term risk management.

Executive Education & Conferences

We partnered with GIBS Business School, an affiliate of the University of Pretoria to provide high impact and engaging sessions with various distinguished Ambassadors in Africa. We also provide programmes and deliver content to clients across the world looking to invest in African emerging markets. We host conferences designed to bring more insight focusing on African solutions and opportunities to African challenges to improve competitiveness in emerging market economies. Through our global and continental exclusive forums, we create platforms that enable our clients to meet with decision makers and thus hone their strategies.

Commercial Intelligence & Risk Analysis

We conduct in-depth commercial intelligence research, helping our clients to understand the commercial landscape, monitor competitor activity, and assess potential partners and access insights that generate competitive advantage. We also provide qualitative risk analysis to assist our clients to qualify and prioritize political, operational and reputational risks at every stage of the investment cycle.

A global logistics company had entered East Africa 3 years prior in the FMCG and Automotive industries, but to date had little success

The Challenge 

It had been established in a previous study there was a substantial market opportunity within East Africa, but with revenue growing below market growth rates, the company wanted a better understanding of the logistics market, the critical factors for success in East Africa and if they should continue to invest and where.

How we helped

AfriCatalysts put together a comprehensive team that had a deep understanding of the company’s business globally, but also global and local industry knowledge within the FMCG and Automotive supply chains. The team leveraged its existing clients and contacts within East Africa to help conduct over 35 interviews, coupled with desktop research, to help develop a rich fact base on the Automotive and FMCG supply chains. Areas of investigation included key market drivers and the suitability of the existing business model, both in the market or within the company for their business model to be profitable.

We developed a range of strategic options over a three year timeframe. This identified growth opportunities within the core business, and opportunities in adjacent markets. The research also identified the critical capabilities required to execute and changes required to the existing operating model to support growth.

Value delivered

Our local knowledge coupled with a good understanding of the business helped bridge the knowledge gap for the company’s local operations to understand global business models and products that could be used to expand beyond the core, and help the corporate organisation understand the unique challenges faced in the said market. Our detailed industry and cost analysis was refined and developed into a sales tool that will be used to help sales staff demonstrate the value of their solution compared to the industry structure and the specific companies operations. Ultimately, our expertise helped facilitate the development of a set of tangible and executable strategic options, which had local acceptance, and were aligned to the company’s global vision and strategy

A mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo was approaching completion of the pre-feasibility phase of its joint venture development project.

The Challenge

A mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo was approaching completion of the pre-feasibility phase of its joint venture development project. They identified the need for increased analytical rigour in relation to external economic inputs, especially in considering more capital-intensive options. The options that were being considered included four potential power options: 

-Natural Gas
-Power Grid

A framework for coherent assessment of the risks associated with the project was required, as well as an evaluation of options that would improve the overall project feasibility and support of phased project approval. The business also indicated the need for assistance with scoping the feasibility phase (i.e. identifying and testing opportunities to improve process flows and find the appropriate balance between capital expense and operational expense).

How we helped

AfriCatalysts adopted the following approach to help the client to achieve its objectives:

-Identified key risks and assumptions
-Assessed the current business case
-Developed a model
-Modeled the expected returns based on assumption sets
-Developed a risk-management plan and opportunity list
-Evaluation of options

Value delivered

The enhanced pre-feasibility phase business case review was presented to the client and subsequently considered by executives. The client announced that it will be pushing ahead with the feasibility study after positive results from its pre-feasibility study. The approved project will produce 100 tonnes of mining yield over a 10-year mine life.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning for certain Republic in East Africa was assessing the feasibility of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) project We helped it evaluate the project to support making its final decision

The Challenge

The Republic needed to assure itself and potential bidders for the project that the government was in a position to support a final investment decision from a capability, process and technology perspective.

How we helped

AfriCatalysts conducted an assessment of the readiness of the government to support the final investment decision. Our focus was on governmental structure, public models and key functional areas, including well development, site management, logistics, contracting and procurement, technology, data management, finance, public affairs, stakeholder relations and human resources. In each domain, we used benchmarking, leading practice reviews, and general readiness assessments to determine key gaps and prioritised recommendations. Multiple workshops with Ministerial Task Teams allowed AfriCatalysts to facilitate agreement of priority areas, who held responsibility for them and the establishment of a Project Management Office specifically focussed on readiness activities.

Value delivered

Following the AfriCatalysts review and the co-ordinated uptake of the list of recommendations, the final investment decision was achieved on schedule with the support of all joint venture participants.